Purity through the designed environment

Magan Mistry is a full service, interior design firm based in Goa specializing in classic design with a global
influence. Whether designing residential or commercial spaces, Magan Mistry has built a reputation on achieving highly individual results
for a discerning, international clientele.

Magan Mistry crafts visual stories that become signature surroundings. Guided by clients’ aspirations, as well as their diverse experiences,
the firm designs singular interiors, which allow clients to fully express who they are, and what holds meaning to them.

The history and location of the project, coupled with Magan Mistry’s broad base of experience, and its firm belief that successful design
must be generated by the individual characteristics of each project, let’s Magan Mistry create extraordinary interiors.

A portfolio of
completed work includes historic restorations, contemporary renovations and new construction projects.
Supported by an underlying thread of sustainable quality, Magan Mistry ensures that the clients’ greatest investment is also
their greatest source of comfort, pride and self-expression.



As a Leadership of Energy Efficient Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP), sustainable design is of the utmost importance here at Magan Mistry. Many times, people think sustainability in interior design is not a priority or simply don’t think about it, but especially in these times, clean living is something you just can’t compromise on. Here at Magan Mistry, we believe clean living is not only attainable, but beautiful, vibrant, and luxurious. Just like we take care of our bodies with the food we eat and good exercise, taking care of our homes ensures that you and your family are safe and healthy.

Minimizing Waste

Next to fashion, the home furnishing industry is one of the most wasteful sectors of our economy. Most furniture companies cut corners, fill their pieces with cheap fixes, and do not spend time the to make sure the quality will last. Here at Magan Mistry, we are dedicated to finding pieces that will last a life time and can be passed down to your children and family. We revive beautiful vintage pieces to give them new life, and create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces with non toxic finishes and long lasting materials to ensure a long lifecycle.

Chemical Free

The finishes and furniture in a standard home are filled with harmful toxins and chemicals! Working with an expert in sustainable interior design means you can have peace of mind knowing your paint is non toxic, your wood trim is created with formaldehyde free glue, and your furniture does not have off gas. Many times, we have clients come to us who never used to think about the chemicals in their home, but a few years after moving into an older home, are having mysterious illnesses, or their pets or kids are playing with the paint on the wall and getting sick. Your home is meant to be a safe space, and we work tirelessly to ensure every member of your family is staying safe and healthy.

Energy Efficiency

Last but not least, a sustainable home is an efficient home. Our team of interior designers are experts at fitting your home for the most energy efficiency possible. From lighting and shade control, to water and air filtration, to finding the most effective HVAC system for your home, we make sure your home is energy efficient for the environment, and cost efficient on your electric bills. Good for the environment and good for your family!